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Silverstone - The First Race

Monday, 2 April, 2012 - 18:00

On Friday 30th March it really didn't look like we were going to be ready in time for Silverstone. On the morning of Saturday 31st we still had our doubts about getting there, and things didn't look much more hopeful at midnight either. However, at 4:30am on Sunday morning, three weary guys strapped Batten 3 on to the back of a trailer and sent her off to to her first race. Silverstone was on!

The car sailed through the scrutineers and the first practice session started well. We managed to put in three laps before the thick acrid smoke pouring from the left rear signalled it was time to come in for a quick inspection. The body work had scored a grove all the way round the outer edge of the tyre and it would need replacing before we could venture out again.

Soon it was time for the second practice session and we were hopeful that we would set a good time and grid well for the race. Unfortunately the rotor arm in the distributor had other ideas and soon stepped in to cut our second practice session depressingly short. After a sudden loss of power and a slow tow back to the garage, much head scratching ensued. The problem was eventually discovered and fixed and we were racing fit (or so we thought). We hadn't managed to set a decent time in the practice sessions, but we had completed the minimum three laps, which meant we would be allowed to race in the final.

Shortly before 4pm and with a new rotor arm and rear tyre fitted we ventured out to the back of the grid, the final was only minutes away. Billy made a brilliant start and made up several (five) places in the first 2 corners and was hunting down the leading pack. With two laps completed we were daring to anticipate a podium finish. Unfortunately we hit further teething problems and the next time we saw Billy pass the pitwall it was with his hand in the air, off the racing line, indicating another problem had raised it's head.

Our first result was a DNF, but as far as not finishing goes, it was very promising first outing. With a little testing between now and the next race in three weeks time, we are all feeling quietly confident.

See some Photos of the Silverstone race here