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The Final Push

Saturday, 31 March, 2012 - 07:15

The last week has been a complete blur, running around, having issues, over steering at every corner, and if only I was talking about the car! The truth is we entered this week not having turned a wheel and as the week went on it became increasing unlikely that we would be doing so for Silverstone this weekend. But with hope in our hearts we stumped up the cash and entered the race anyway in the hopes we would make it to the grid.

It feels like we've had numerous issues at every turn, even the rolling road session had to be repeatedly pushed back as time and time again, more problems introduced further delay. We finally got to the dyno yesterday and I would love to announce 87 bhp at the wheels, but the truth is we had an "Epic Fail" yesterday too Now only 24 hours remain and we still haven't put any rubber on tarmac. Will we be at Silverstone tomorrow? Time will tell...